Welcome To The Dark Kitchen

By some luck, or lack of, you have found your way to my somewhat humble cooking blog. Well, the start of it anyway.

For the past few years, I have had friends urge me to combine my questionable culinary ways and my wonderful way with words. Finally, I agreed and the idea for a cooking/baking/kitchen tip blog was born.

Your next question is obviously going to be, “But what ‘Broad With A Knfie’? That seems scary and so demeaning.” Nope. It’s fun. In my kitchen there is generally a knife (usually a cleaver) within arms reach at all times. As for the ‘Broad’ part? Well, Dame with a Kife just didn’t have the same ring to it.

This site will hold recipies and musings for cooking, baking, and probably a post or two of kitchen porn. My dream house is built around a kitchen and occasionally if I watch home makeovers I start to drool.

I am not a fancy cook by any means. Occasionally, I make things that sound delicious. Lots of things you will questions. A lot of dinners may be made whilst drinking. There may be swearing. There may be injuries. There will be, without a doubt, lots of fun. My recipies range from family recipies, my own boredom, and seeing if I can fix a Pinterest fail. I may even start taking requests and I am always a libel to answer questions.


May your knives be as sharp as your wit.

Luci, Broad With A Knife


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